My first priority will be to reduce poverty by creating job opportunities for people who live in Minneapolis, tackling the ever growing homelessness, putting greater emphasis on early education and mentorship programs for our children, better vocational training for adults. I will fight hard in order to make the city services more efficient, accountable, responsive and sustainable.

Minneapolis has a strong and thriving small business community, yet far too often, women and minority owned businesses miss out on city contracts for a number of reasons. Its vital that our small businesses have the tools, opportunities, and city support to continue growing. When our businesses succeed, they provided much needed jobs for our neighbors and a stronger tax base for our City.

The residents of Ward 6 need the protection, maintenance and development of their open, safe and green spaces. Our Ward needs more playgrounds, public seating areas and not just the building of more and more housing and commercial buildings that while they bring taxes reduce the quality of life. Open spaces enhance the beauty of our neighborhoods and make our residents have recreational outlets in close proximity to their homes. Lack of community and public spaces is one of the main issues that I would like to address for our Ward and City wide.


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