I'm proud of what we've been able to accomplish together. 

I'm committed to hearing the concerns of the residents of Ward 6 and prioritizing investment in a number of community-based strategies to improve public safety and trust, support small businesses, and build racial equity in our City.

Housing & Renter Relief

Made significant investments in affordable housing providing some of our most vulnerable citizens with a safe space to stay.

Co-Authoring an amendment to address housing discrimintation by barring landlords from turning away tenants who hold housing vouchers.

Worked with Minneapolis Public Housing Authority staff in developing change in rent policy for extended absences.

Our Parks & Our Streets

Reached an historic agreement to fund community parks and city streets.  We are maintaining our parks for the tens of thousands of kids, families, and residents of all ages who use them every year.

Authored an amendment that added additional $100,000 for community-based strategies to improve public safety in Ventura Village and Phillips West. 

Facilitated a community-led decision-making process for the Samatar Crossing 

Expanding Opportunity, Reducing Inequity

Led the creation of the Cedar Riverside Opportunity Center, which will connects young people to educational and career opportunities.

Co-authored a staff direction that took a historic first step in enacting a municipal $15/hour minimum wage.

Supported small business and job growth for ward residents through establishment of a city navigator office to empower small businesses.

Co-authored the Target Market Program, a policy that makies it easier for women and minority owned small business owners to do business with our City.

Health & Environment

Passed city-wide earned safe and sick time to ensure workers throughout Minneapolis have access to employment benefits that allow them to care for themselves and their loved ones.

Co-authored Bring Your Own Bag ordinance to regulate the use of plastic carryout bags in retail establishments.

Worked with city staff to support programing that better informs the public about the nature of autism, to encourage early diagnosis and treatment, and to celebrate the unique talents of individuals – including children – living with autism.

Other Highlights

Helped launching a program to help locate missing children and vulnerable adults. The SafetyNet Tracking Systems program allows firefighters to more effectively find and rescue people at risk if they wander and become lost, eliminating the need for time-consuming traditional searches.

Developed a new program to provide wheelchair accessible taxicab service 24 hours a day, making access to taxicabs in Minneapolis more equitable, addressing issues previously raised by the Minnesota State Council on Disabilities and the Minneapolis Advisory Council with Disabilities.

Earmarked $50,000 to support creation of a 4H program for the East African community.

Public Works

ADA Ramp Reconstruction:
15th, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th Street East

I-94 Exit Ramp to 7th St

Cedar Ave Sidewalks: Seal coat, sidewalk & tree planting completion

- 26th St E from I-35W to Hiawatha Ave
- 28th St E from I-35W to Hiawatha Ave
- 3rd Ave S from 27th St E to 26th St E and from 2nd Ave S to 27th St E
- 4th Ave S from 25th St E to 22nd St E
- Clinton Ave from 3rd Ave S to 26th St E

24th St E Reconstruction and Bike Lanes – Hiawatha LRT Trail to Minnehaha Ave S

26th/28th St E Protected Bikeway – Hiawatha Ave to Portland Ave S

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