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    Dear Abdi: You have to understand my recent history to understand why I’m saying this. But you have my vote on 2 reasons: I didn’t know that you are the one responsible for the Opportunity Center. Many friends, like Lisa Geehan director and Tim Marx Catholic Charity overseer have been marvelous in making me feel important. And if it wasn’t for Marcella and a few others regarding where I was living, I would have never made it to Ebenezer. She may have been "the wrong person’ but talking to her was the right thing to do.

    You have my vote as my way of saying “thanks.”

    Sincerely yours

    Evangelist Kamp DW Welch

    Micah 4:5-7

    MN Department of Revenue

    Sales and Use Permit #since

    May 1986:


    Keep in touch.

    God bless


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