Ed Felien

  • commented on Contact 2017-01-28 19:09:42 -0600
    On the Mpls. Issues Forum this morning Jim Graham reported this problem getting police service to Franklin and 10th Avenue. He says he talked to you. What are your solutions for solving the problems of drug dealing in the Phillips Neighborhood?

    The Dispatcher said calling 911 was not the way to address this if it was an on going thing. That I should call the “Drug Tip Line”. That if they knew this was an ongoing problem they would do something about it. I of course laughed about that since I have made about 1000 calls on it, written endless Mpls Issues posts about it. talked to the City Council Member about it, called so many times several dispatchers actually addressed me by my first name because they recognized my voice, AND even made the front page of the City Pages ABOUT it!


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