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Meet Abdi Warsame

Abdi Warsame is currently the Executive Director of the Riverside Plaza Tenants Association and serves as the Board Chair of the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood Revitalization Program. He was born in Somalia and raised in the United Kingdom before settling in Minneapolis in 2006. Abdi fell in love with the city right away and says it's the only place he's been able to identify as "home." His daughter Aisha, now six, was born in Minneapolis.

For Abdi, Minneapolis represents opportunity. As a home to thousands of immigrants, it is one of the few places where the American dream can materialize for people who otherwise would not have it within their grasp. Still, Abdi sees that the status quo is not working for all citizens of Minneapolis, particularly communities of color and the working poor. Abdi hopes to transform our city to one that is both economically competitive, and socially just by building upon the strengths of Minneapolis and its people while addressing the systemic inequities that burden many of our neighbors.

In an effort to bring typically marginalized populations to the political table, Abdi founded the Citizen’s Committee for Fair Redistricting. This resulted in  a more representative political map that will allow minority communities to be heard and to have their concerns addressed.

To protect tenants from public health issues, Abdi advocated for making the Riverside Housing Complex, of more than 1,300 apartment units, a smoke-free zone. Cedar-Riverside residents know they can count on Abdi to help them when they need it - no matter how large or small their issue. As Councilman of Ward 6, Abdi will work tirelessly to ensure all residents of Ward 6 feel the same.

Abdi holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Middlesex University and a Masters Degree in International Business from the University of Greenwich. 

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